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  Luis Artigue (león,1974) has a degree in Spanish -he enlarged his studies at the University of Toronto, Canada-.
He made his first appearance as a writer with "EL VIAJERO SE HA IDO, COMO ES LÓGICO " (2002)(The Traveller has gone, as it is natural), a thriller set in Paris in the happy 20's.
He has already published the following books of poems (TRES, DOS , UNO, JAZZ" (2006)(Three, Two, One, Jazz) "LOS LUGARES INTACTOS" (2008) (The untouched Places) and "LA NOCHE DEL ECLIPSE TÚ" (2010) (The Night of the Eclipse, You).
His novel (LAS PERLAS DEL LOCO VENTURA" (2007) (The Pearls of Ventura , the Fool) dealt with the messianic delirium in a humouristic way, and "LA MUJER DE NADIE" (2008) (The Woman of Nobody) was a story about femenine donjuanismo.
Now, he has come back with "CLUB LA SORBONA"